El Nido Medical Mission

Oct 2-5, 2017

The mission this year was quite different as we did not have any major surgeries because there is​​ no hospital in this town of 50,000.  It was however, an EYE OPENER!  We met some of the nicest people who are also some of the most deprived.  After 5 days in this tourist town of El Nido, our observations are quite depressing.
1. Hopeless lack of access to adequate medical care (doctors & hospital)
2. High rate of malnutrition in school children (38%)
3. High poverty level (daily take home pay of 150 pesos &  tourist prices) 
4. Poor infrastructure (narrow roads in disrepair/inadequate power supply)
5. Nearest city with a hospital is Puerto Princesa - 6 hours away by van
Stats for El Nido Mission:

        Medical consultations:   919 (65% children)
        Minor surgeries:                    54

        Broken hearts:   12 (all the volunteers)
        Cause of broken hearts:      malnourished children
                                                                    untreated 2 y.o. with hydrocephalus
                                                                    untreated 16 y.o. with VSD & heart failure
                                                                    countless skin & soft tissue infections
                                                                    URIs that have progressed to pneumonia

   Great News!
Memphis Outreach is now a 501c3 public charity organization!

We have been granted 501c3 status by the IRS as of February 4, 2016 with DLN 17053299308035. 
This is retroactive to March 2014 at the founding of our organization.
This means that all donations to Memphis Outreach are tax-exempt.

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The 2015 medical mission in Balayan, Batangas was very successful.  There were around 40 volunteers who saw almost 2000 patients in 5 days from Oct 4-9.  The numbers:  Medical consultations= 1,789;  Major surgeries= 29;  Minor Surgeries= 183;  Women's Health screening= 50;  GI endoscopies= 45;  Dental procedures= 150;  Cataract screening= 75.    EKGs, CXRs, and some labs were done courtesy of Unilab.    Many thanks to Mayor Manny Fronda and his able staff of Lotlot, Leif, Grace, atbp.  Also thanks to RHU Dr. Noche & her staff led by Matet. We also thank the caterer & servers of our daily meals as well as the housekeepers who kept our rooms clean.  We were honored to serve your constituents and we appreciate your hospitality.
VOLUNTEERS: Drs. Sandra Reed, Garrettson Ellis, Ed & Olivia Cabigao, Dennis & Hattie Bayle, Bobby Magsino, Mina Hines, Sonny Aquino, Nilo Reazon, Fe Marella, Thelma Crisostomo, Ruby Samaniego, Suyen Rivera, Jocy Laygo, Manny Ng, Sixto Marella, Philippine Society of GI Endoscopy.  CRNAs Jessica Ginn & Shannan Case. RNs: Mariles Quiseng, Laila Chaffee, Kimberly Marston, & Elsie Hayes.  Scott Quiseng, Rexie & Alan Conopio, Virgie Razal, Linda Welling, Betty Hayes, & Teresa Sartin.  Cameo by Dr. Anne Cabigao Begonia, Kathleen Begonia, & Paulina Pyzik.
The 3rd Annual Christmas Appreciation Party for donors and supporters was held at the Racquet Club of Memphis on Dec. 19, 2015.  There were more close to 90 guests who attended the event.  A slideshow of the medical mission in Balayan, Batangas was shown and the treasurer, Olivia Cabigao, gave an annual report on the finances of Memphis Outreach, including total donations and expenses of the organization.   Guests were entertained by the Memphis Outreach carolers, a ballroom dance number by the Kim siblings, song renditions by Nica Cabigao, and the dance music of the Hot Pandesal band.  It was a very joyous celebration of Christmas.  More funds were raised in addition to the more than $7000 raised by the dynamic carolers led by Reggie Magpayo.  Thanks to all the donors and supporters!